“Do you feel like I’m prying if I ask you about your health/disease?”

The past few months have been filled with few ups and many downs. I’ve consistently endured health complication after health complication. After five months of appointments, scans, and a surgery, I thought the consistent string of complications would finally come to an end.

I was wrong.

In this season of life, I’ve been brought to tears by the friends and family members who have consistently “pried” into my life and asked:
How are you?
What’s been going on?
How are you feeling?
What’s causing these problems?
How can I help?
What’s the plan?

People often worry they’re prying by asking these questions. Some assume I’d prefer to talk about anything but my syndrome/health. Others fear asking the wrong questions or saying the wrong things.

Fear often keeps us from reaching out to those who need support. I’ve watched many people fight the fear of prying so that they can show me how much they care. They win that battle; however, there’s always another battle on the horizon — the battle with busyness. Fear often keeps us from reaching out, but busyness keeps us from showing up consistently.

Let my tell you a story about consistency. Every time I’m discharged from the hospital, my parents and little sis bring me a red velvet cake. Sure, I love cake, but I love the gift of consistency even more. They set aside their busyness to show me how much they care for me. They’ve found a unique way to consistently add a little sweetness to bitter days.

We need to be willing to not only fight the fear of reaching out but also set aside our busyness. Let’s be people who fight those battles so that we can consistently show others they’re loved and remembered.

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