“I went to jewelry store after jewelry store trying to find Lindsey’s engagement ring. She wanted a simple pearl ring that she could wear on a necklace. Then I realized she would never see the pearl if the ring was hanging upside down on a necklace. I tried to explain my solution to several jewelry stores, but they all turned me away. My cousin finally found a jewelry store in College Station that was willing to custom make Lindsey’s ring with a rotating pearl setting. She rotates the setting forward so that she can look down and see it.” – Ethan Edwards, my husband

My dad once moved the finger throttle on a jet ski to the left side because my right hand doesn’t really work. Creative geniuses at my hospital made a “hand podium” that straps to my wrist for speaking engagements. My grandma bought me a special, two-handed potholder because traditional potholders are difficult for me to use. Ethan had a jeweler make an unconventional ring so that I could actually see it.

If I had to choose one word to describe these people, I would describe them as “thoughtful.” They saw my needs, and they envisioned creative ways to meet those needs. They’ve inspired me to continually grow in thoughtfulness.

Even the smallest acts of thoughtfulness, such as speaking encouraging words or buying someone’s coffee, can have a significant impact on a person. Let’s practice thoughtfulness this weekend, friends.


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