Pain Repurposed In this episode, I share how I’m seeing some of my past pain as a patient undergo an exquisite repurposing. This repurposing helps me both see value in my role as a lifelong patient and remember that perhaps the pain I’m feeling now can/will be repurposed too.

Greater Awareness. Increased Action.

“I’ll be honest with you, Lindsey. I had to look up your syndrome before this appointment,” the doctor bashfully admitted. “I have never seen or heard of CLOVES syndrome.” Though she seemed slightly embarrassed by her lack of knowledge, she found comfort in my silent response. I warmly grinned and nodded my head, indicating that... Continue Reading →

The Unfortunate Event

“Lindsey, it may not be what you think,” my mom asserted, her voice breaking through my cacophony of wheezing. “Mom!” I tried to shout, but the sound of my interjection was muffled by my breathlessness. As my mom sped down the highway toward the ER, I couldn’t stop myself from saying the words I knew... Continue Reading →

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