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Another Bump in the Road

“How long will this take?” I asked the MRI technician. As my body glided into the MRI machine, he replied, “About forty minutes.” Two hours later, I began to cringe in pain. “Stay still! Stay still!” I reminded myself. But I couldn’t. My hand felt like it was on fire. My back ached because of... Continue Reading →

The Progressive Disease

“It’s going to get progressively worse,” the doctor informed me. I smiled and nodded my head as I responded, “I know.” But I didn’t actually know. The past few years have been relatively “easy” in comparison to my adolescent years. As the major health complications decreased, I became increasingly convinced that life would progressively “normalize.”... Continue Reading →

“How do you deal with it all?”

May 2019: As my mom and I left Children’s the other day, we overheard two women discussing their travel plans. One woman was preparing to go to Monte Carlo, and the other woman was planning to go to another PGA tournament site. As they innocently conversed with one another, I wanted to scream. I, too,... Continue Reading →

Love well, listen well…

May 2019: The last few weeks have been difficult to endure. I planned to post about my health a week ago, but as I attempted to type a few words, throbbing pain radiated throughout the arm. I began to cry as I realized I wouldn’t be able to manage the pain much longer. When I... Continue Reading →

The Uncommon Cold

We like to refer to the cold as a “common” illness. It spreads easily, and we assume everyone feels similar symptoms: Runny nose. Congestion. Coughing. Sore throat. We know these symptoms are common, but most of us aren’t aware of the uncommon symptoms a person with a disease/disability may endure when afflicted with an illness... Continue Reading →

“I have no magic.”

"I have no magic." My childhood hematologist would always grimace as she recited those four words. She really meant, “I can’t fix this, but I wish I could.” After 23 years of battling recurring health complications, I still don’t know how to “fix this.” I still face the same complications over and over again. I’ve... Continue Reading →


“I went to jewelry store after jewelry store trying to find Lindsey’s engagement ring. She wanted a simple pearl ring that she could wear on a necklace. Then I realized she would never see the pearl if the ring was hanging upside down on a necklace. I tried to explain my solution to several jewelry... Continue Reading →

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