One Year Later…

December 2019: This time last year Ethan and I began discussing what it would look like to let you enter into our world, our real world. I wondered how I could answer the questions few people have been brave enough to voice. I contemplated how to effectively communicate why conversing about diversity is so important.... Continue Reading →

What You Don’t See

A few weeks ago my mom accompanied me to a biopsy appointment. My doctors had to biopsy a particular region of my right hand in order to confirm my genetic mutation. Even though I’m an adult, my mom is always near and attentive when doctors or nurses are working with me. This time, however, I... Continue Reading →

On Speaking Up

“It’s not real,” the kid said as he pointed at my right hand. I chuckled and replied, “Well of course it’s real, silly! It’s just a hand!” Before I could even finish my sentence, the kid was lunging toward my right hand. He grabbed my hand and proceeded to pull on it. He was attempting... Continue Reading →

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