Pain Repurposed In this episode, I share how I’m seeing some of my past pain as a patient undergo an exquisite repurposing. This repurposing helps me both see value in my role as a lifelong patient and remember that perhaps the pain I’m feeling now can/will be repurposed too.

Longing for Nearness

It's a long hallway, but it's not long enough. My steps are limited, as is my ability to grasp what my doctor just confirmed. "You already knew what he was going to say," I remind myself as I approach the end of the hall. It's freeing to turn the corner and leave behind the clinic... Continue Reading →

The Unfortunate Event

“Lindsey, it may not be what you think,” my mom asserted, her voice breaking through my cacophony of wheezing. “Mom!” I tried to shout, but the sound of my interjection was muffled by my breathlessness. As my mom sped down the highway toward the ER, I couldn’t stop myself from saying the words I knew... Continue Reading →

Another Bump in the Road

“How long will this take?” I asked the MRI technician. As my body glided into the MRI machine, he replied, “About forty minutes.” Two hours later, I began to cringe in pain. “Stay still! Stay still!” I reminded myself. But I couldn’t. My hand felt like it was on fire. My back ached because of... Continue Reading →

Press On

Ethan began to jog as I plopped down on the turf. I planned to jog with him yesterday evening, but my plans changed as soon as we entered the indoor football field. In the middle of the field, a college softball player was teaching a young girl to pitch. When I was around the young... Continue Reading →

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