Longing for Nearness

It's a long hallway, but it's not long enough. My steps are limited, as is my ability to grasp what my doctor just confirmed. "You already knew what he was going to say," I remind myself as I approach the end of the hall. It's freeing to turn the corner and leave behind the clinic... Continue Reading →

One Year Later…

December 2019: This time last year Ethan and I began discussing what it would look like to let you enter into our world, our real world. I wondered how I could answer the questions few people have been brave enough to voice. I contemplated how to effectively communicate why conversing about diversity is so important.... Continue Reading →

“How do you deal with it all?”

May 2019: As my mom and I left Children’s the other day, we overheard two women discussing their travel plans. One woman was preparing to go to Monte Carlo, and the other woman was planning to go to another PGA tournament site. As they innocently conversed with one another, I wanted to scream. I, too,... Continue Reading →


“I went to jewelry store after jewelry store trying to find Lindsey’s engagement ring. She wanted a simple pearl ring that she could wear on a necklace. Then I realized she would never see the pearl if the ring was hanging upside down on a necklace. I tried to explain my solution to several jewelry... Continue Reading →

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