“I have no magic.”

“I have no magic.” My childhood hematologist would always grimace as she recited those four words. She really meant, “I can’t fix this, but I wish I could.”

After 23 years of battling recurring health complications, I still don’t know how to “fix this.” I still face the same complications over and over again. I’ve had so many internal bleeds that I refer to a bleed as a “normal complication.” And yet, any complication is still difficult to endure. I never get used to the loneliness or pain that accompanies each complication.

Even though you may not have a magic fix for a person’s health complications, I encourage you to still be there for someone facing recurring issues. These bumps in the road might be a “normal” part of life for someone with a defect/disability, but that doesn’t mean the bumpy path is easy to walk down. Always check in with that person. Always offer to simply sit with that person. Always walk with that person when the road gets bumpy. Why? “Normal,” recurring health complications are always difficult to endure — every single time.


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